I have always wanted two things for a long time: a Hasselblad and a fancy pinhole camera that takes medium format pictures.

So one day I had the idea to combine both in one project. Well, I still don’t have a real Hasselblad, but at least I do have my own Bastelblad, which, as the name suggests in German (basteln means to tinker), I made myself.

The individual parts were all drawn in 2D in Adobe Illustrator, the 3D blueprint existed solely in my head. The file from Illustrator was then converted to a Rhino file for the laser cutter to process and cut. Finally everything was put together with glue. The Bastelblad v1 served as a test object  to eliminate errors and weaknesses in v2.

The pinhole camera takes pictures on medium format roll film 120 and is equipped with two different pinhole diameters (apertures). The film pack can be inserted in different positions, which corresponds to different focal lengths. Unfortunately, I had to discard the idea of vario-zooming for structural reasons. Nevertheless, I am very proud of my self-made Bastelblad!